SR Technics

On the 12th February 2009, SR Technics announced the closure of its operations in Dublin Airport with the loss of 1,135 jobs. An application for EGF-co financed measures was made on the 9th October 2009 to support the redundant workers. The total value of the application was €11.4 million. The EGF contribution was €7.4 million with the remaining €4.0 million coming from national sources. The application was approved by the EU on the 8th December 2010.

A range of supports for the redundant workers was made available under the programme. These supports included:

  • specially targeted engineering-based third level education courses, including aeronautical engineering, to further enhance skills sets already possessed by many of the redundant workers;
  • off-the-job and on-the-job training provided through FÁS for mechanical/avionic apprentices affected by the SR Technics redundancy situation to ensure that existing apprenticeships could be completed. This included an innovative scheme placing a number of redundant apprentices with the Air Corps at Baldonnel for relevant on-the-job training. This was a cooperative initiative between the Managing Authority for the EGF, the Department of Defence, the Air Corps, and FÁS;
  • occupational guidance services and a range of training initiatives provided by FÁS;
  • further education supports provided by the Vocational Education Committees including a skills transfer programme; and,
  • enterprise/self-employment supports provided by County and City Enterprise Boards to help redundant workers interested in setting up their own businesses.

The SR Technics programme closed on the 9th October 2011. Final figures on total EGF programme expenditure were included in an EGF final report submitted to the European Commission on the 9th April 2012. The EGF final report and a table showing labour market outcomes of the EGF programme are set out below: