The Rules governing the EGF were amended in October 2019 to enable the Fund to support workers made redundant as a result of the likely economic disruptions caused by a withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union without a withdrawal agreement.

Applications made under this criterion will require a reasoned analysis of the link between the job losses and a no-deal Brexit with clear statistical and background evidence.

The amendment to the EGF Regulation was published in the Official Journal on the 31st October 2019 and can be viewed here.

Brexit: A National SME Study

16th December 2019  |   Reports, Research and Analysis, Survey

This report provides the results from a survey of over 1,000 SMEs which was carried out between September and October 2019. The aim of the survey was to garner insights on the current and anticipated future impact of Brexit on the SME base in Ireland.

It also looked to determine the extent to which the SME base are preparing for Brexit and the extent that they are taking actions in response to the Brexit context.