Solas EGF Co-Ordination Unit

The SOLAS EGF Co- ordination unit provides support to redundant employees notified of their eligibility for EGF support under approved EGF applications. The unit provides information, advice and guidance services to EGF eligible employees regarding their entitlement to supports funded by the EGF. Among the specific services it provides are:

  • providing phone and on-line information, advice, and support
  • facilitating access to professional services in the areas of career and occupational guidance
  • making referrals to other service providers; and,
  • administering EGF Training Grants and Course Expense Contribution (CEC) applications

The service is provided for persons possessing an EGF Eligibility letter provided to them by the Department of Education and Skills.

The SOLAS EGF Unit operates between the hours of 09.30 and 17.00 from Monday to Friday. Should clients require supports outside of normal working hours, such services can be arranged by appointment.

The SOLAS EGF Office Unit is be located at:

EGF Unit
Limerick Training Centre, Raheen Business Park, Limerick.

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