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The Competent Authority for the EGF in Ireland, the EGF Managing Authority unit of the Department of Education and Skills, closely monitors large redundancy situations nationwide in order to assess whether any sustainable case meeting the strict qualifying criteria might be considered for possible co-funded support from the EGF.


The European Commission has produced a video giving an overview of the European Globalisation Fund. The video can be seen at the following link: European Commission EGF Video


The Rules governing the EGF were amended in October 2019 to enable the Fund to support workers made redundant as a result of the likely economic disruptions caused by a withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union without a withdrawal agreement. Further information is available here.


Survey of PWA International (PWAI) EGF Beneficiaries


The European Commission is currently carrying out an evaluation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF). The evaluation is looking at all EGF programmes between 2015-2020, which includes the PWAI programme in Ireland.


As part of the evaluation, the Commission has launched a beneficiary survey. All those who received support (for example, coaching and career planning; training and education; and/or training allowances) under the PWAI programme are invited to respond.


The survey will be open for responses until 17th May 2020. Respondents can stay completely anonymous if preferred, there is no need to share a name or email address.


All beneficiaries of the PWAI programme in Ireland are invited to contribute to the survey which is available here


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